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Shield Sewing Day – 20 June 2016
at the Bellarine Sewing Centre
by Judith de Fontenay
A little background for those who may not be aware of what we are doing.  We All Rotate have made a commitment to supply the women of Nepal with “Dignity Packs”.  These packs consist of 2 shields, 10 liners, a face washer, soap, 2 pairs of new knickers and a sealable plastic bag.  All these items are contained in a nice, bright drawstring bag, which we also supply.  The packs are expected to last around 2 years.  A shipment is sent twice a year to Nepal and the founder of this charity, Steve Beatty, who lives in Geelong, also travels to Nepal and helps with the distribution of the packs. For a link to the patterns see our Things we do for others page.
On Monday, 20 June, we held a shield sewing day with 9 helpers.  They were:
Marilyn Davidson
Margaret Walker
Joan Jenson
Rhonda Elms
Carol Osborne
Kaye Lunadelli
Pam Planner
Alison Chittock
Judith de Fontenay
Zoe Clifton of Bellarine Sewing Centre, Moorabool Street, very kindly offered us her classroom for the day.  We all duly arrived with sewing machine in hand!  Work commenced around 10am with a short session of instruction as to the procedure for the sewing of the shields.  Very soon we were up and running.  To Zoe, thank you so very much for your support to make this day happen.
The components had already been cut out and the pockets made so there was no wasted time.  We finished the day around 3pm and produced 89 shields on the day.  What an excellent achievement!  It was certainly a fun day to spend with friends and maybe achieve more than sewing individually.  Of course, there was a huge amount of banter around the table as well as snacking on Tim Tams, snakes and nuts, etc and the odd cuppa!!
Zoe was also instrumental in contacting some of her representatives with a view to obtaining some fabric samples for the charity that we are assisting, We All Rotate.  We duly received an extremely large parcel of fabric from Millhouse Collection in Queensland.  The fabrics were absolutely lovely and very suitable for our purposes.  A few more friends came on board offering to cut out some of these fabrics.  What champions they are as this is the most tedious job of all.  This makes the actual sewing so much easier to do.
Below are a few photos of the day: