A comprehensive, up-to-date, well-organised collection of books, magazines and patterns
On display for you to browse at each monthly meeting

Access to this library is one of the advantages of being a Guild member
Members are encouraged to borrow items for one month

 You'll find Reviews of new purchases each month in 'Common Thread', the Guild Newsletter

Magazines we subscribe to on a regular basis:             Contact the Library

Magazine                                    Country               Issue per Year

Down Under Quilts                    Australia                      12

Quilting Arts                                USA                          4

Quilt Mania                                 France                       6





Of Historic Interest ...

The Library holds two complete sets of the Guild Newsletters from September 1985 to today
One set is held by the Library as Reference Material and is NOT for loan, the second set can be borrowed

You can read the 1st two Newsletters from 1985

1st Guild Newsletter - September 1985 (800Kb)

2nd Guild Newsletter - October 1985 (625 Kb)