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Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Conversion Charts - for all those American patterns!

(from the internet)

Cloth Quilt Bag for delivering quilts to Exhibitions - quick pillow-case style as recommended by Vic. Quilters


Tips for doing Appliqué - Notes from Robyn's presentation in a Tips & Tricks session

Robyn Coots

Thinking of Buying a New Sewing Machine?

Judy Alcock

Tips on How To Make French Braid - Notes by Nola from the June 'Round Robin' Day

Nicola Picken


Superior Threads website for excellent information on types of threads, ie cotton, rayon, silk, etc.

Also needle size suggestions for a particular thread weight and lots more . . . .

Very informative reading.


 The serious technical Acronym: URL = Universal Resource Locator otherwise known as Link

UFOs = un-finished objects

PhD = project half done

WWIT = what was I thinking

WOMBAT = waste of money batting and time

QFOs = quilts for others

OTF = off the floor


SABLE = stash above & beyond life expectancy

ATC = Artist Trading Card



WISPS = works in slow progress