AGM 2022

AGM 2022

Notice of The Annual General Meeting of the Geelong Patchwork & Quilters Guild

to be held on Saturday 20th August 2022.

The purpose of the AGM is twofold.  First is a review of the year past, with the President delivering her report on the year’s activities and the direction for the group, and the Treasurer presenting the Annual financial report. Second purpose is to elect a committee to steer the Guild for the coming twelve months.

We are seeking nominations from members to serve on the committee for the period August 2022 to July 2023.  This is not an onerous job and provides members with an opportunity to participate in the running and direction of the Guild, and to get to know more of the members.  The Committee generally meets at the close of our regular Guild days, and by and large there is not a lot of business involved.  Our major events most years are our Quilt In, the Biggest Morning Tea, and a bi-ennial Exhibition.

 Under our Constitution all Committee positions are declared vacant and we are therefore seeking nominations for the following positions:


Vice President



 and up to 5 ‘ordinary’ committee persons. 

 On the current Committee one of the 5 ordinary committee persons has taken the role of web management, another the role of Newsletter Editor, and a third Membership Secretary.   The final two committee members have been assuming the roles of Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer, however this year we have been one short on the committee due to lack of nominations for the fifth committee position. 

Non-committee positions resolved at the AGM include:  (Nominations forms are NOT necessary for these positions).    

                Assistant Newsletter Editor & Proofreader/ Photographer

                Assistant Web master

                Newsletter Distributor

                Librarian Library Assistant/s

                Charity Quilt Programme co-ordinators

Refreshments Co-ordinator*

Special Occasions Correspondent


 We thank those serving in positions this past year.  Our Guild cannot survive without the willingness of members to contribute towards its running.  Please consider how you could contribute by taking on one of the positions. If you have any queries about what is involved in a role, please feel free to ask a committee member about how much time and effort is required.

 Nomination Forms are included in this issue and are also available on the front desk and on the website.

Proxy Voting form is available to access on the website.

Anne Clutterbuck



Nomination Form


Proxy Form